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Paperbacks and e-Books written by novelist, John Hartig, are now available on Kindle, as well as Amazon.


Niagara Author - John HartigYou can find entertainment, intrigue and humor in his writing. John's books are perfect for readers, young and old, who like mild murder mysteries and cowboy novels. You can take a look at the scope of John Hartig's writings by going to his Amazon bookshelf by clicking::

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About John:

My three passions are: being an author,a web designer and a photographer. I live within the Niagara Region, and I'm retired.

As a septuagenarian: I am blessed that I can write, I know how to design websites, and I know how to take pictures. So, I keep myself very busy in these productive ways.

As I've gotten older, I've found that the hours in my days and nights have turned topsy-turvy. I am an insomniac. My brain seems to be most creative behind a camera in bright sunlight or behind the computer screen, writing novels, in the wee hours of the night.

Several years ago I went to night school at Mohawk College to learn how to do scripting in web design. I don't use templates.I use mostly HTML and tables to produce attractive web pages. My sites are cell-phone friendly. I host the sites myself through my godaddy account. I love creating websites, fabricating stories and doodling with photoshop to enhance the pictures that I take. I am rich in so many ways!

You can Google Canadian Author-John Hartig, Niagara Author-John Hartig, Vineland Web Design, Niagara Scenery or John Hartig Photos.. I'm not crazy about Facebook. I prefer a direct how-do-you-do from people who are interested in my novels and my scenery pictures.

Ph: 905-562-7821




Since I've been retired, I spend much of my time making cards out of my Niagara scenery photographs. My cards are eager to find a nice home in any small business within the Niagara Region, for example restaurants or wineries or Bed and Breakfasts...or heck, a truck-stop will do! My scenery cards are sized so that you can readily frame them in a 5x7 inch frame. I charge what it costs me to make them, with a minimum order of 10 cards for $30. Envelopes are included. If I, at least, cover my cost, I can happily continue in my hobby. The recommended sale price is $5 per card, so that the buyer gets something for promoting my cards. I include a variety of Niagara-based images in my stock. They are all different. A person can also order enlargements of Niagara scenery which could put a colourful touch on the wall of any home or office. Oh, and I almost forgot, I design coffee table books too, also at cost, just to give me something to do during my retirement.


Niagara Picture Card

Card Front

Niagara Picture Card

Card Back

coffee table book

Coffee Table Book


My Web Design is self-explanatory and cheap [or rather affordable]. All of my designs are "cell-phone friendly." We can also put the finishing touches on any family history or imaginative novels you ware writing. My own writings are found on Amazon, Kindle, Chapters and Kobo..I like creating murder mystery fiction."Who Killed Jean-Marie Leclair?" is my historical mystery about a violinist who was stabbed to death in 1764. "Duplicity" is recent about an RCMP Sergeant stationed in Newfoundland, who solves his aunt's murder by coming back to Hamilton, Ontario. The Sergeant also helps prove the innocence of a teenager falsely accused of killing his own mother.

I also am available to teach seniors about the use of the camera and the computer.

You can take a quick peek now at my lovely scenic pictures by going to my Photo Gallery of Niagara . So, pour yourself a cup of coffee and sit a spell.

Ph: 905-562-7821



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