About John Hartig

Niagara Wedding Photographer John HartigI learned my photographic skills as a photojournalist for a community newspaper in 1977. My first camera was a 35 mm Konica TC which lasted a good 15 years. With it, I took pictures of people like Donald Jackson (Canadian figure skater), Slim Pickens (Hollywood cowboy actor), Ronnie Prophet (country singer) and John Munro (Canada's former Minister of Labour). Slim Pickens bought me a coffee in a restaurant in Grande Prairie, Alberta, when he hosted the Grande Prairie Stompede and Chuckwagon Races in 1980. Ronny Prophet poured me a whiskey during an interview in his trailer after a show in the tiny town of Sexsmith in northern Alberta.

I put enthusiasm into every picture I take. I love the immediacy of photojournalism but I also love the happiness in the eyes of a wedding couple. I find calmness and joy in my landscape and scenery photography within the Niagara Region. In short, the passions of my life include my wife, Marjorie, my violin, my camera and an ongoing urge to learn new things.



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