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John Hartig - April 2006

I   have two main uses for the camera: photographing weddings and landscapes. Weddings are great because of the joy of the occasion and because of the energetic interaction among friends and relatives. Landscapes give me a feeling of peace with the beautiful scenery and the colours, shapes and patterns that exist in nature.

My Nikon D700 is a great instrument for wedding pictures with its 24 - 70 mm zoom lens. The 12 Megapixels in this SLR yield sharp images which can easily be enlarged by my clients. My secondary backup camera is a Nikon D70s. Capturing my images as "jpgs" is such warp speed away from the old days (not so long ago) when I used to catalogue my negatives in acid free sleeves that went in binders. Now the computer and Photoshop have made storage so easy and also added flexibility and creativity to image enhancements.

The best photographers though are still those who have made a transition from manual cameras to digital cameras, so that they combine old lessons with brand new technology. Basically, the same old experience, skills and know-how apply to picture taking in the digital world as in the manual world. Instead of turning a knob, you click a setting. Awareness of composition and lighting still apply universally in any era...and so does talent and passion.

For years, I kept my negatives in binders and had no feasible medium through which I could share my images with others...enlargements cost so much money. I felt like I practised my art in a vacuum. Technology has opened up a new chance to say to people, here are some pretty pictures I took of Our Canada and here is the product of a lot of travelling and hard work. I'm glad my images have come out of those binders, so I can share these pictures with others.

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Lincoln Post Express
May29, 1996 by Diane Bath:

"Niagara Peninsula Photographer, John Hartig, combines eye-catching shapes, patterns and vantage points."





Our Canada Magazine
April 2006 issue

Cover 2006 April Issue Our Canada Magazine Features Niagara Photographer

"Pink Blossoms at Niagara on the Lake."

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