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What matters is the pictures I'm able to get for weddings or engagements here in Niagara. I don't have a studio or a fancy office. My studio is my camera, my office is my computer. When I meet people, I deal with them face to face, no pretense! I don't deal in "accoutrements".

I find that my retirement years have given me a certain philosophy towards my photographic activities because I don't face the pressure of a "career" anymore . I handle this passtime on my own terms, and whether the couple is young or old, pretty or plain, I deal with them according to their needs and I take my time to give them the best that I can do -- which I know is -- well, pretty good!

If I were Cyrano de Bergerac [in Rostand's play], I might say, "I have a nose for pictures!" Cyrano was concerned about substance and not the frills.

Excerpt from: Cyrano de Bergerac, Play by Edmund Rostand
[Original French 1897 - Eng. Trans. 1954 by Anthony Burgess]

Valvert on Cyrano: "In boorish clothes, no gloves, no frills, no lace,
No ribbons, no trim knots upon his white coat!"

Cyrano: "I wear my decorations in my mind.
Clothes make the man, and so I have to be
More careful if less vain...
What shining gems I own, I wear inside. [The First Act]

So, I don't have a studio or a fancy office, but I do provide you with superb pictures for your special day. You get the CD, ownership of the images, a slideshow and special effects.



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