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Ball's Falls is actually two Falls, the Lower and the Upper. Lower Balls Falls has an old barn, a white pioneer church and a pioneer cabin for the photographer's interest...and of course, there's the cascading Lower Balls Falls itself, just a 5 minute walk from the parking lot. Upper Balls Falls is a little 15 or 20 minute hike uphill along a trail of woods. It's worth the exercise to see the rushing water...and to take a photograph of one of Niagara's hidden wonders. Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority maintains the picnic areas and grounds at Balls Falls where tourists can also see historical sights: a pioneer church, pioneer cabin and old barns and antique Niagara farm machinery. Balls Falls Photos are best for autumn and winter season.

Google Additional Resources: niagara peninsula conservation authority, twenty valley tourism association, regional municipality of niagara, gateway niagara.

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