Niagara Seasons

John Hartig Photography

Spring in Niagara means blossoms, colour and new growth. It's picture-taking season! Niagara's fruit belt is coming to life and farmers are getting their orchards ready for their annual harvest of cherries, peaches, pears and apples. Fruit stands will pop up all along the main sideroads outside of little towns and villages later in summer. Tourists just need to take the time to drive off the Queen Elizabeth Way to discover the tasteful bounty grown in the Niagara Fruit Belt. But in the meantime, in spring before the harvest, there's the blossoms! The back roads (off-road travel) is especially rewarding for the camera buff who likes pictures of trees in bloom, especially around the Vineland, Jordan and Nigara-on-the-Lake areas. The Niagara Parkway drive up to the Niagara Botanical Gardens is full of colour in springtime. What's to do and what's to see in spring? Google Southern Ontario Tourism, Niagara Parks Commission.


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