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Niagara Ontario Greenbelt has trees, lots of them. It wraps around the Golden Horseshoe and is the very life-blood of the wildlife and vegetation in Southern Ontario. The beautiful and abundant green ring that winds around the cities and subdivisions of the Horseshoe is Ontario's natural legacy to future generations. Our Greenbelt extends up through the Oak Ridges Moraine and includes the Niagara Escarpment along the Bruce Trail to Tobermory. Interspersed with the farmland in the Niagara Region, trees are a delight to the photographer's eye, especially in places like Balls Falls, the Niagara Parkway drive towards Niagara Falls, itself, and of course, the breath-taking hike along Bruce Trail. Wise conservation is the key to preserving valuable trees in Our Greenbelt. Trees are a great subject for photography in Niagara.

Google Additional Recommended Sources: Southern Ontario Tourism, Our Greenbelt, Peninsula Bruce Trail Club, Niagara Escarpment Commission for information on events, trails and hikes and great picture-taking opportunities of trees in any season.

Niagara's Greenbelt - Trees

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