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Heritage Village, a premier retirement village, is located in a safe friendly little nook within Vineland Ontario. I only live a few blocks from there and as a photographer, I enjoy taking little walks through the village with my camera. One spring, I did a series of photographs of the lovely gardens there which are so unique and nicely maintained. People have phoned me recently, thinking I'm associated with Heritage Village...and I'm not! I've only taken photographs there of the gardens and would recommend it as a good place to live for seniors.

This retirement community supplies every need for seniors from independent living to assisted living and nursing home care. Seniors feel safe strolling along its private lanes. Houses have pretty and well-kept gardens with charming lawn ornaments. The Rittenhouse Public Library is located adjacent to Heritage Village. Shops and grocery stores are only a few minutes drive in Vineland. Vineland, in general, is a great little town in which to live. St. Catharines is only a 20 minute drive along the Queen Elizabeth Highway.

So if you're looking for further information on Heritage Village, please don't contact me. I just photograph pretty gardens...and of course, weddings. For my other photography sites:

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Heritage Village

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