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Queenston Heights Ontario is a historical site which commemorates the role of two important people during the War of 1812 who prevented Canada from being conquered by the Americans. The Brock Monument is a tribute to Sir Isaac Brock, the General who fought and died in that war and the monument to Laura Secord is a tribute to a determined woman who walked 32 km through American lines to warn the British about an American invasion. Today Queenston Heights is proudly maintained by the Niagara Parks Commission as a picnic area with lovely gardens for Niagara residents and tourists alike. The Queenston Heights Restaurant and its scenic lookout over the Niagara River are great features which attract many tourists from far and wide. Queenston Heights also boasts a pavilion around which people can sit and listen to music from local groups played on sunny, Sunday afternoons during the summer-time. Just down the road, there's The Floral Clock, The Butterfly Conservatory, Niagara Botanical Gardens, The Niagara Gorge, Niagara Rapids River Ride and last but not least, the roaring Niagara Falls. Check for an itinerary and accommodations through Tourism Niagara and Niagara Falls Chamber of Commerce.

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Queenston Heights

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